Ciao! I’m Ronnie Grammatica, an Italian photographer and a storyteller.

Just as photography is an art, so too is storytelling. To truly tell a story, you need to dig deeper than just what happened, you need to capture the intangible – backgrounds, cultures, personalities, emotions. This is what makes a story.

Using photography as my medium, I craft wedding stories, cover special events, and tell the stories behind business brands.

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Italian photojournalist
in Australia

Servicing – Crescent Head – Port Macquarie – Newcastle – Hunter Valley – Byron Bay – Australia – Worldwide

In my story, I met and fell in love with an Australian girl holidaying in Italy and followed her home to the north coast of Australia where we now live with our young family. So I’m not afraid to travel wherever a good story may take me! And that’s why I offer destination photography services.

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