A&B Lennox Head

22 . Apr . 2017

This story began with a chance meeting late one night at the Lennox Head pub. Brett was on a boys surfing trip from NZ and Alysha will tell you that meeting his future wife wasn’t really on his agenda. The connection must have been something pretty special though as it wasn’t long before Brett decided to move over to Lennox Head (for the surf of course) and they’ve been together ever since.

Through my eyes, this union is fun, authentic and heartfelt.

Their love for one another showed in the detail of their wedding story. Quite literally, together they crafted their wedding day. Brett not only made the rings himself in his workshop, he spent months getting the ‘Commer’ ready and building the arbour and bench seats for the ceremony. He also made the tables, a room full of timber flower boxes, and etched all the guests names on the wine and beer glasses. Alysha matched these acts of devotion with meticulous planning and styling, spending many what she called ‘craftanoons’ with girlfriends in the lead up to the wedding. They sewed napkins, painted signs, made sweets and prepared the bouquets.

And their day was perfect.

It was relaxed, fun and naturally flowed. That is, until after dinner when Lisa Hunt and her band made a surprise appearance and everyone flocked to the dancefloor.