Capturing your brand story

Every business is unique and this is something to embrace and celebrate!

Engage and connect with your people in a way that captivates them

You’ve arrived here in your search for someone who can capture and deliver images of your business that will help you shine bright and stand out from the rest.

I can certainly deliver the ‘traditional’ high end commercial photography package incorporating headshots, your people busy at work, and the work environment.  That said, I’ll weave in snippets of your story to make sure that you have unique images that fit your brand

I am a storyteller after all. 

If you are looking for something more, consider my signature business storytelling package, because a powerful photographic narrative about your business brand is unrivalled.

You can instantly engage with your customers and begin to build trust through a photojournalistic series of images that communicate who you are and what you do. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Plant the seed of your brand in a way that text and numbers never can, in a way that is highly accessible, can be seen in an instant, yet its effects can linger.

Ultimately, no one knows the story behind your business better than you and your people. As a business owner myself, I get this. I also understand how important online platforms are to business, they have become the new shopfronts. To be seen, it is vital to engage regularly in a way that captivates your audience. Let me help you to tell the everyday story of your business. In my social media training package, I’ll teach you how to get not only great photos, but the right photos to tell your brand story. 

Connect – Engage – Be memorable

A good story engages people in a way that makes them think, makes them feel, and this is memorable.

Your customised business storytelling package

As a storyteller, I want to tell the story behind your brand the best way I can. I’m not interested in doing the hard sell or hiding costs. From the outset, I’ll spend the time to customise a package that I believe tells your business story powerfully yet efficiently.  

Let’s talk

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