Faces of the Hastings 2018 – Port Macqaurie​

29 . Apr . 2018

Faces of the Hastings was the first public art exhibition I did in Port Macquarie. Installed in February 2018, the project included a series of large posters and was commissioned by Port Macquarie Hastings Council as an introduction to the Art Walk and Bicentenary 2018-2021 celebrations. It was also designed to improve the appearance of the ‘Food for Less’ building in the lead up to its demolition.


What I love about Faces of the Hastings is that it brings art out of the gallery and onto the street. Art is powerful tool to help people understand and make sense of the world around them, and this project allowed me to photograph people in our community who we may pass every day, yet whose faces often go unnoticed – presenting them on large posters so they are seen. Placing these portraits on a building that will soon be demolished also evokes the passage of time.