Manning Migrants

29 . Nov . 2018


I was commissioned by the Manning regional Art Gallery in Taree to participate in ‘Manning Migrants’, a public art project that shines a spotlight on migrants living and working in the Manning Valley. As part of this project, I photographed a cross section of the migrant community of the Manning, producing portraits with the aim of starting a conversation and inviting viewers to look beyond facades. According to Art Gallery director Rachel Piercy, “Events such as these are an opportunity to promote harmony and inclusion by giving people a firsthand experience of cultural diversity in our area.”

I really enjoyed completing this project as it follows my passion for bringing art to the people. These portraits can be seen by anyone. They are displayed on large posters outside the gallery as part of Cultures in the Manning Stories – a platform to share the cultural narratives of the Manning’s diverse community through art, music, performance and storytelling. At the conclusion of the event, I was asked to give a talk about my participation in the project.