I “vechietti” Italiani

Port Macquarie NSW

When I first arrived in Port Macquarie, I was surprised to hear there was a small group of Italian gentlemen who descend upon a particular coffee shop every Friday to wile the hours away conversing in Italian. I was both excited and intrigued to meet these “vecchietti”.

Italians communicate a lot with their hands. We’re also loud and dramatic. So when I first showed up at this weekly gathering, you can imagine the dramatic scene that unfolded.

For me, this encounter was the start of what has become a beautiful friendship with these dear old men.

I love to listen to their stories. I find it incredible how different each of their journeys has been, yet every Friday we all sit around the same table in the same coffee shop debating the same old things. And I love it.

This series of portraits was taken at our local coffee shop during one of our regular catch ups.

Every culture is associated to cliches often hard to dispel, and the Italian’s is no different. But let’s face it, there’s a lot of myths to be debunked!